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Home Staging Basics

Stage To Sell!

Those who say first impressions are over-rated probably never worked in real estate. First impressions are everything when you’re selling your house, especially in the world of the internet where potential buyers will quickly lose interest in a property if the first few pictures of your house don’t wow them. Stressed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In part 2 of the Home Staging Basics series, we bring you some quick tips to stage your house for selling, if circumstances do not allow you to hire a professional. To learn some budget friendly hacks – Read on!

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Kitchener Tallest Condo Project

An Insight Into Waterloo Region's Condo Boom

Tall towers of glass and steel have filled the sky of Waterloo region in the last decade. Expanding tech centre, influx of students in region’s post secondary institutions and convenient locations near the LRT line have catalysed the growth of condominium market in Kitchener-Waterloo. If you want to know more about this ‘up'rising, read on!

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The LRT Track, Downtown Kitchener

What The LRT Has In Store For Waterloo Region!

The need of effective public transit and active transportation has been a prominent subject of discussion among policy makers, urban planners and environmental enthusiasts. While Waterloo Region gears up to welcome the LRT in December this year after many delays, let’s look at what it has in store for the city.

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Build New Or Make It Your Own.

Established Neighbourhoods

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Downtown Waterloo

4 Reasons Why Waterloo Region Is The Perfect Place To Live In

The prices of houses in Waterloo Region are soaring and are expected to continue to rise. An influx of Toronto area buyers, who want to live and invest in a quiet and peaceful town are driving the prices up. Coupled with low borrowing rates, a booming local economy and the highly anticipated Light Rail Transit is making the region a hotspot for real estate. The Incredibly high prices in the Toronto market are causing the spill over effect to the communities within its commuting distance, a prime example being the Waterloo Region. High demand, coupled with low availability is leading to multiple offers on properties thus causing a real competition to enter the market. In particular, in properties under 450,000 we are seeing an incredible lack of inventory. The end of 2017 saw a 24% increase in demand as compared to 2016. If you still aren’t convinced and need a reason to consider moving to Kitchener Waterloo, read on!

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Chestnut Park West

Why Chestnut Park

Darryl's explanation for the brand switch and how it will help service his clients better!

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Jim, Sim & Darryl

I’m Darryl Watty, I’ve been a Realtor for going on a decade, seen some things and post my own views and opinions. Jim has been in the Real Estate and the home enhancement industry for going on 6 years already, and he’s hardly 25 years of age. Sim is smart, objective, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Urban Planning. Together, we should have a blog worthy of some reads. Hopefully your attentiveness pays off with at least a nugget or two 😉 - Darryl

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