Not Thinking About Selling Your House?

REAL Estate Planning

Phone rings... " hello, it's Me Me Me, from XYZ Realty. Are you thinking of selling your house?"

To us, that question alone lacks a true offer of value. It's an opportunistic approach, making Real Estate strictly a numbers game, and we don't believe there is any care taken in that approach. It's the same reason why you'll never see us on the side of a bus bench, unless we're taking the LRT back up from Kitchener after lunch. Service clients' needs first, second and third.

We prefer asking the questions like: "How are you enjoying the house?" "Is there anything you think could make it better?" You answering those questions is how we can easily make at least 35% of your life better.

If you want or need access to contractors, lawyers, designers or tradespeople, we can help you out. Recommendations and "how to" queries are a pleasure to respond to, as well.

If all is well now, we will happily be available whenever life presents opportunities or obstacles.

We Can Help

Be Consious Of Your Trigger, Then Breathe

Realistically, a Realtor asking if you would like to sell your home, shouldn't be the cause of you wanting to move. Agree?

A more logical cause to trigger a thought of selling your home would be that you were planning for more, or less bodies around the household, had a change of love interest with a person/profession or especially pastime, or your dexterity/cashflow options have changed. Agree?

Your Real Estate "Guy"

Your advisor and planner, here for you whenever you need help with all things real estate. No matter what position you, your family, and friends are in, I'm pretty sure we'll have it covered. There will be no need for you to worry about real estate again. Your real estate professional, like your investment advisor, your financial advisor, your lawyer, accountant, personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor.

We want to be the logical call whenever the time comes, plus we want you to be prepared and be able to look forward knowing you've maximized your efforts. When you see something that tickles your fancy better that what you currently have, then you'll know it's meant to be.

We can just focus on helping you make the best decisions for you and your people, and try to maximize your investments of talents, time and treasure.


Think Bigger

I plan to be a Realtor for a long time, so I'm happy that you're reading this now. We can start now or whenever, and I might become your Realtor for at least this stage of life. A handshake is good enough for people like us, as I pretty much only get paid upon a successful purchase or sale... Granted, if you play your cards right, well, there should be more than one deal, as we would be happy to help with investments and secondary properties as well (either personally or through vetted connections in the industry).

Ever dream of a cottage, some place warm, golf condo, hobby farm or urban hang out? We can get help to get you there, given the time... whatever you want.

We Do This To Help You Enjoy The Ride

Why not enjoy an your ideal lifestyle along the (Watty)way. I'd be happy to give my thoughts on if it makes more sense to renovate the kitchen or baths first. What style might work best for you, and the future buyers, and why. Is this truly the final home? Well if not, what's impeding the next steps?

Some may prefer to fly by the seat of your pants in this real estate market, however it is a market, just like a money market. So we believe it makes far more sense to isolate at least a few of the things that are in our control, in this sea of variables.


We've Got You All Covered

If you and your family have questions, we'd be sure to give an answer and explain why. This gives you a bird's eye view to an industry that you now know you can manage. If you want to get there, we might as well get there as soon as we can, because the prices in these markets most likely aren't going down quicker than a money market. There will be preferred markets to invest in, en route to where you want to go, so of course I will give those markets and areas a higher stock and explain why.

Things really get good when I'm able to hear questions, thoughts, and of course new ideas that you might want to explore. We will discuss, probe deeper, and give customized opinions and recommendations, and that way can begin to roll out and execute the plan. Then, when you hear that friends are thinking Real Estate, then that means they also should get some information to help them along. Crazy thing is, if you and some close friends always wanted to live close by, and get together more often, I could make that happen too – but that of course requires planning! Feel powerful by knowing how you affect your own change in the real estate market.

The Earlier, The Better

Whether you've bought two years ago, or haven't moved in twenty, we don't believe we've had a client that wouldn't have been better off meeting up three, nine or thirty-six months earlier.

In summary, if you care to ask us questions that pertain to you, then that means we've earned your trust, and that is the highest honour you can give. Thanks is great, but initial trust is unconditional.


When do you think would be a good time to have someone on your side for all things Real Estate?