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Summer Cleaning

Summer is here and though spring carries the cleaning reputation, summer can be a great time for cleaning up outdoors. With temperatures rising and the weather brightening, optimizing your outdoor spaces is key to enjoying all that summer has to offer.

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Get Your Patio Summer Ready

With summer finally here and temperatures in the plus, now is the time for the outdoors! Time to dust off the patio furniture, or if you don’t have any, time to start shopping. Constructing the perfect patio is a great way to enjoy the weather and make a new space for yourself or entertaining!

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Common House Styles In Waterloo Reg

Common House Styles In Waterloo Region

Throughout KW you can find various styles from duplexes to bungalows to condos, but what’s the difference? Let’s look at some common house styles in Waterloo Region and what exactly defines them.

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Keeping The Outdoors Out

Keeping The Outdoors Out

With the ample snow beginning to melt and the weather heating up, the time of muddy boots and spring coats has arrived. Kids tracking in mud, wet shoes, and jackets galore are basically a staple in any Canadian home during Spring. Entryways and mudrooms are key to keeping the outdoors actually out-doors, so let’s talk about organization.

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With Spring on its way and plant life on its return, March is the perfect time to add some preemptive greenery to your home. Houseplants, real or fake, are a classic way to make a house more of a home and (literally) add some life.

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Brightening Up Your Home In A Dull Winter

With winter still pushing on and spring still distant, life can appear quite dreary, But with simple alterations and additions around your home, at least your living space can be bright and warm.

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Sprucing Up Your Home

Sprucing Up Your Home For A New Year

With the New Year here and the start of 2022 commencing, now is the time to get your home in tip-top shape for the coming days.

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Saving Your Energy Bill

With the snow falling down and temperatures in the negative, it’s clear that Winter is truly here.

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Inspecting Your House & Property

Maintaining Your Home's Exterior

Things to inspect around your house

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