Summer Cleaning

Summer Cleaning

Summer is here and though spring carries the cleaning reputation, summer can be a great time for cleaning up outdoors. With temperatures rising and the weather brightening, optimizing your outdoor spaces is key to enjoying all that summer has to offer. 


Though we often look out of them, it’s not so common to look at our windows; Summer is the perfect time to scrub that glass and make your view crystal clear. No need to buy window cleaner either, as 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water can serve as an excellent DIY window cleaner. Use a microfiber towel and scrub away!


Decks and porches are the perfect summer hangout spots, but we tend to neglect them throughout the colder seasons. Take advantage of this warm weather and give your deck a good scrub with dish soap and water to bring new life to old wood. Vinegar water is also a great deck cleaner!


If you have a bit more to spend, investing in some patio furniture can completely revive a space. Adding some string lights and simple throw pillows can turn a backyard into a private oasis. If you have the time and funds, planters can not only provide a beautiful view but can be used to grow plants and herbs.


There are so many options when sprucing up your outdoor space, but even the simplest of actions can completely alter a space. Cleaning, though not always the most fun activity, can have some of the best results. 

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