Succulents: No Green Thumb Required


Plants and greenery are a wonderful addition to any home, but those without a green thumb may struggle with keeping them alive and healthy. For those who wish to add a bit of green to their environment but lack the time or skills to maintain it, succulents are a great, easy option. 

What are succulents? Well, succulents are a type of plant that retains water in their thick, fleshy leaves. By storing water within themselves, they don’t require frequent watering and can endure drought much longer than other plants. In fact, it’s over watering that’s their kryptonite! Though most require warmth, some species can even thrive in the cold; Perfect for those rough Canadian winters.

Succulents grow their best in shallow, well drained pots but many tutorials online can help you craft a succulent wreath, wine bottle holder, or hanging planters. Friendly plants, it’s recommended to plant as many as possible in the same pot due to their unique “community” root system. They don’t require fertilizer nor fancy soil, making their upkeep quite affordable. The most important aspects for keeping your succulent in prime shape is to give them ample sunlight and water only when needed. Keep an eye out for wrinkly, soft leaves as an indication of their need for water. 

Overall, not only are succulents a beautiful visual and addition to a home or garden, but even the worst plant handler should find them easy to keep alive. 

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