Lifestyle Marketing For Sellers

Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing For Sellers

The lifestyle that the home offers is what makes a Buyer wake up the day after seeing a house and know that their days in their current bedroom are numbered. The lifestyle offers a glimpse into what could be, and how their life could be far more enjoyable that what it is now... And that is something that a lot of people will gladly pay over top dollar for, once they feel it.

This is why patience and a plan is the key to unlocking the potential value of any home based upon striking an emotional chord with the prospect.

Other than the MLS, from luxury to affordable, here's how the Watty Way connects with that positive emotion.


  • To show your home in the best light
  • To change your property from a home to a product that targets your ideal market
  • To have the eyes of a naive buyer come through the house before the ones with the money to spend (actually) show up... then proceed to address the deficiencies proactively.
  • Maybe we'll bring some items in, but more often than not we'll be editing out personal items, to simplify the vision for potential Buyers and let them see themselves in the home.


  • Pictures are taken before the listing hits the Multiple Listing Service, do your listing debut with a full picture set
  • Any pictures that you dislike can be omitted
  • A copy of the full files of the photoshoot will be passed along to you for you to remember your home
  • Professionals know best
Professional Photography


  • Videos themed on your home's best asset, that are then boosted on Facebook to targeted demographic audiences and tracked
  • Posted on Youtube and monitored
  • Offering an ice breaker at Open Houses (when desired)
  • Provide a memorable alternative to just pictures on the MLS
  • ...and if a picture is worth 1000 words...


  • Ideal for homes that set up well for entertaining
  • Puts pressure on any interested purchasers
  • An extra angle to promote the lifestyle through social media channels
  • Bonus goodwill toward other Realtors (which never hurts)
Catered Openhouses


A compilation of your own memories of your home that you care to share with the future owners. Tidily packaged into the feature pamphlets for Buyers to review after visiting your homes for a showing. Pictures from alternate seasons are encouraged, if we haven't had the time to plan to take them in advance for you. The ability to share unique experiences that the home and area have to offer, that the future owners should be sure not to miss. Even how the sun streams through the window in late autumn, reminding you of the warmth of summer. 

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