Saving Space

Saving Space

With the final month of summer beginning and the last few weeks of overbearing heat to come, any Canadian knows that Autumn chills are not as far as they may seem. Soon it will be time to pack up the beach balls and gardening equipment in anticipation of scarves and jackets. As such, August serves as the perfect time to reorganize and focus on using space as effectively as possible. Let’s talk about simple ways to conserve and utilize space in the best way possible!


Baskets are a storage-savers best friend: With so many shapes and sizes, anyone can find ones to suit their visual tastes and their use is indisputable. For those of us who struggle with clutter or kids, having designated buckets can help ease the burden of cleaning up. Small ones can serve as great hidden storage for magazines and books whereas bigger ones can hold throw blankets and slippers. Like throw pillows, attractive buckets can also serve to add a pop of colour or texture to a space.


For those who prefer a sleeker or more minimalist look, hidden storage is the way to go. For example, a storage ottoman can be a living rooms best kept secret. Comfy and cute but doubles as storage? Perfect. For larger ones, grab some dividers and keep a section for remotes, chargers, and heftier items like blankets to not only save space but keep organized as well. In a similar vein, for smaller entryways or mudrooms invest in a storage bench. Perfect for winter gear such as hats, mittens and scarves whilst also providing seating space for those tough to tie boots. Additionally, you can store shoes underneath for even more order. 


Perhaps the simplest way to save space is by focusing on utilizing the space you have in the most efficient way possible. Take a look at the spaces you have and try to think about how you could better utilize it. For example, adding some additional hooks or floating shelves higher up the wall or maximizing your use of window sills and corners. Every space and every homeowner's desires are different, so take your time to really look at your home and reflect on your storage needs before jumping in to making more storage-saving choices!

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