Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn Home Maintenance

It's important to properly maintain the various features both inside and outside your home before snow and below-freezing temperatures set in for good.


Take a look through the below for an idea on what you should be taking a look at in October:

1) Check sealing around windows and doors for air or water leaks

2) Store outdoor furniture in the shed or garage

3) Turn off exterior taps, and put away garden hoses to prevent damage from the freezing temperatures that are quickly approaching

4) Clean/swap out your furnace filter

5) Check the dryer/laundry vent - lint can build up faster than you realize, which is quite the hazard after a while.

6) When's the last time you took a peek at your roof? It's far better to catch roof leaks now than in January; this includes shingles, flashing, and that the vents are sealed properly.

7) While you're on the roof, ensure there are no blockages in your gutters or downspouts caused by leaves falling

8) If you have a humidifier, take a few minutes to clean it out and check for condensation and proper humidity levels

9) Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


Hopefully this list was helpful! Now you can sit back, and enjoy the start of winter from inside your home. 

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