2019 Tech Products For Your Home

New Tech Products For Your Home

2019 Tech Products For Your Home

In 2019, many new smart home products for the home entered the market. With online shopping becoming so popular, it's getting increasingly easy to miss the newest products unless you are specifically looking for them. We thought we'd take a look at a few of the most popular ones, and list them here for you. Think we missed something important? Leave us a comment!


1. Smart home video door bell 

These door bells provide their usual function of a bell, and also monitor your doorway with a video stream that is connected to your smart phone. Most have simple smart phone set up with an easy to use app, so this product is great for everybody.


2. A robotic mopper

If you have heard of robotic vacuum cleaners, you might be ready for the mop version. Just add water and cleaning solution, then select the proper scrubbing pad for your floor surface. Now, how good can that be? 



3. Smart lighting

When you were a kid, did you ever want those lights that would go out once you clapped? Well, the modern version is here: lights you can turn off by simply tapping on your smart phone. This is also a great idea for those who might need to turn their lights on or off while not at the house.



4. Smart thermostats + smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

These are admittedly a little less cool than some other items mentioned in the blog, yet very important for your home and the wellbeing of those inside. Controlled through your smart phone, these make monitoring the heat in your home very easy. In the event your smoke/carbon monoxide detector goes off while you aren't at home, it will send you a notification. 


5. Digital shower interface

No more fiddling with knobs or handles! This new digital shower interface gadget will regulate your water temperature and pressure at the touch of a button. It even allows you to set a different program for each individual user so everyone can enjoy a personal setting without having to adjust the occasionally touchy handles.



6. Smart home lock

Yet another handy feature you can use your phone for: locking and unlocking your door electronically. This is something that if you're worried you forgot to lock the front door, you can simply check from the app on your phone.


There are many new gadgets for your home, and several are helpful in saving electricity, are environmentally  friendly, easily accessible, and more. 


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