With Spring on its way and plant life on its return, March is the perfect time to add some preemptive greenery to your home. Houseplants, real or fake, are a classic way to make a house more of a home and (literally) add some life. 


For those who struggle with maintaining a watering schedule, travel for work, or just can’t seem to keep a plant alive, fake houseplants are a great way to get the green look with none of the maintenance work. For those who really aren’t a fan of the fakes, try succulents; easy to buy, easy to keep alive, and require little maintenance. Not only are they adorable and great for any aesthetic, but succulents like aloe vera are easy to grow and have a super helpful gel inside.


For those who are ready to get their green thumb but aren’t sure where to start, start by looking at your environment. Plan out where you’re going to arrange your plants and look at the amount of sunlight they would receive, then choose the plant to best suit your environment. With sunlight in Canadian winter’s being sparse, be sure to look for plants with a moderate to low light requirement. Also, if you have pets be sure to look for plants that are animal-safe.


Be sure to find the right container for your plants, as nobody wants water or root spillage. Take this chance to not only look for what's best for the plant, but also what suits your home aesthetic. Hanging planters are a beautiful option, local and online artisans offer a variety of beautiful jars and planters, and there's definitely something for everyone. 


Plants are classic home decor, but like with all life every one is unique. Take this opportunity to find the best plant and planter for your aesthetic, skill level, and schedule. 

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