2020 Vision

Gaining Real Estate Perspective

2020 Vision

2020 Vision: Gaining Real [Estate] Perspective

As we enter a new decade, we’ll inevitably be exposed to many predictions about the future, particularly about the economy and how it will affect real estate. But, with such a wide range of opinions out there, we need to be cautious about any individual point of view. There are many contributing factors, especially in real estate, so it’s always helpful to take a step back and gain an objective perspective on such an important topic.

Remember that your current real estate value is mostly relevant when considered relative to the value of your next real estate purchase. Since property prices tend to fluctuate uniformly, whether you are moving up or down, focusing on economic real estate forecasts may not benefit you. Instead, recognize that the true potential for increased value lies in the comparison of your property to similar properties within your own local market.


Every property for sale competes with others judged to be of similar description or value – which means there are things that can be done to improve your own home’s value in comparison to the competition. Although it isn't the material side of your home that sells it. The lifestyle that the home offers is what makes a Buyer wake up the day after seeing a house and know that their days in their current bedroom are numbered. The lifestyle offers a glimpse into what could be, and how their life could be far more enjoyable that what it is now... And that is something that a lot of people will gladly pay over top dollar for, once they feel it. 

If this is something that might interest you in 2020, I am always happy to sit down, discuss your current housing situation, and show how the Watty Way can help.

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