Prepping Patios

Prepping Patios

With summer finally here and temperatures in the plus, now is the time for the outdoors! Time to dust off the patio furniture, or if you don’t have any, time to start shopping. Constructing the perfect patio is a great way to enjoy the weather and make a new space for yourself or entertaining!

The first step to prepping your patio is cleaning; It is time to dust off the deck, wash winter gunk off the furniture, and sweep away dead leaves. Try making a diy deck cleaner with dish soap and oxiclean powder to get your deck shiny clean. A bit of white vinegar and water also works as an excellent cleaner for that dirty patio furniture. 

Once you've got yourself a clean space, it’s time for the fun part; Decorating. Before going out and buying furniture, make sure to keep account of your space limitations, budget, and storage needs. Storage benches are perfect for storing all your summer necessities, whether it be bbq equipment or the kids soccer balls. If you’re worried about wear and tear, look for durable and waterproof fabrics and try tying it all together with a waterproof rug. 

With a bit of clean up and a keen eye for design, you too can have your very own restaurant quality patio, perfect for relaxation and enjoying those summer rays!

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