Ways To Re-Energize

Ways To Re-Energize

December tends to be a busy month for most people. It’s easy to feel drained and even burnt-out after attending functions, getting your house ready for hosting, and other events. Unfortunately, you may not have the luxury of time to relax with a good book or go to a yoga class. So, with that in mind, here are some proven ways to unwind, and help promote positive vibes.


Take a stroll in the fresh air.
Even if you can't make it outside, take a short walk around your office if you're at work. Scientists say your body will often de-stress significantly after just a 12-minute stroll.


Drink a glass of water.
Hydration and mood are actually linked. Dehydration, which can come on without you realizing it, can quickly lead to fatigue and tension. So take 10 and go fill up your water bottle.



Listen to some music.
Music can quickly calm you down - or, get you up and ready to go. Therefore, what you're listening to can really affect your mood.


Do something completely different.
Often, if you completely remove yourself from a situation or activity, even for just a few minutes, you’ll come back feeling better. So, take a moment for yourself!



Write it down.
If you’re worried or frustrated about something, writing it down is like deflating a balloon. Taking it off your shoulders and onto paper puts the concern into perspective.



Breathe and stretch.
It’s almost impossible to feel tense after a few deep breaths and some stretching exercises. In fact, that’s where the urge to yawn and stretch comes from. It’s your body’s way of boosting energy!


Try one of these tips the next time you feel overwhelmed.

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