Cozy Up Your Space

Cozy Up Your Space

With the wind still brisk and snow still underfoot, it looks like the time of being indoors has yet to end. As such, to combat the dreary weather it’s a good time to make sure your spaces are as comfy cozy as possible. What says comfy more than pillows, blankets, and candles?


Throw pillows, a staple in most homes, are the perfect way to bring some warmth and comfort into a space as well as add a pop colour or pattern to an otherwise monotonous space. Bright colours such as yellow or green can add some spice to furniture with plain colours, but don’t be afraid to try out some patterns too. It’s common to see a lack of patterns in decor or a single common pattern, such as chevron, but experimenting with mix and match designs can add an eclectic feel without seeming messy. 

Throw blankets are also a great way to keep a space warm and homey, as well as offering great design options. Matching your throw blankets to pillows or fabrics is perfect for those seeking consistency and a clean design feel, whereas mixing patterns and colours can, like throw pillows, add an eclectic feel.

Perhaps the most important aspect of making a space feel warm and cozy is atmosphere and ambience, something lighting is a key factor in. If you’re looking to do a lighting overhaul, check out our last post. However, if you want a more affordable and easy option, candles are the way to go. The light of a candle is one full of warmth and, especially on chilly winter nights, can completely change the ambience of any space. If you have scented candles, that's a bonus as well. For those with mischievous pets or young children, online realtors such as amazon offer a fantastic variety of “mock candles”; all the ambience with none of the flames.

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