Common House Styles

Common House Styles In Waterloo Reg

Common House Styles

Victorian, contemporary, modern, and more; Houses come in many different styles. Throughout KW you can find various styles from duplexes to bungalows to condos, but what’s the difference? Let’s look at some common house styles in Waterloo Region and what exactly defines them.

Condos are becoming increasingly popular in the region with many new buildings being constructed. Condos are like the perfect blend between a home and apartment, with the stability of owning the property and the ease of apartment living. With many high-rise and low-rise options throughout the tri-cities, condos are perfect for older adults and couples.

Ranch-style homes are also common throughout the city, especially in older neighborhoods such as Lexington. First arising in early 20th century America, these split level or single story homes are often shorter and longer than your average home. This style often has open floor plans to emphasize space and flow with the outdoors. 

Victorian style homes are seen throughout the tri-cities, especially in historical neighborhoods such as Victoria Park. These homes may not follow specific style guidelines, but are rather defined by the period of time during Queen Victoria’s reign. Easily one of the most noticeable styles, Victorian homes are often larger and more elaborate in design. Gables, wrap-around porches, and round turrets are common characteristics of Victorian style homes. 

Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, and the surrounding cities have a great diversity in age and design in regards to home. Hopefully this article was able to give some clarity on what exactly these some of these styles are and where you can find them.

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