Brightening Up Your Home

Brightening Up Your Home

With February rolling around, much of the holiday cheer has dissipated and left one with merely the cold and snow. Though Spring isn’t too far, what's left of winter can be dreary with an ocean of white in your vision and slush at your feet. But fret not, for there are many ways to revitalize your living space to brighten up your home life. 


Winter here in Canada doesn’t just mean snow, but also few daylight hours. As such, lighting is integral when making your home cozy and warm. Be sure to check what types of bulbs you’re using, whether it be a cool white or a warm, sunny yellow, and make sure they match the environment you're looking to create. Be sure to keep windows open during what little sunlight you have, to both preserve energy and get some much needed vitamin D. 


With much of the terrain looking lifeless and white, winter has a severe lack of greenery. If you’re missing emerald trees and grass, bring them inside your own home. Plants are a fantastic way to breathe new life into a home! For those with the ability to care for them, a fiddle leaf fig or snake plant makes a beautiful addition to any room. For those without the ability, time, or memory, fake plants look just as beautiful with none of the maintenance. As they say, fake it ‘till you make it. 


With so much white and grey outside, be sure to incorporate some colour in daily life. Colourful accent pillows and blankets are a great way to add some pop into a living room, patterns also break up monotony and add some fun.


 With winter still pushing on and spring still distant, life can appear quite dreary, But with simple alterations and additions around your home, at least your living space can be bright and warm.

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