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Tiny Homes

Get ready, the hip tiny house movement is coming to Kitchener soon! Now that the movement has been around for a decade or so, it’s finally arriving in our city. Kitchener City Council has approved a motion for additional dwellings in qualifying lots, meaning many a space could be filled with a miniature home. 

The tiny home trend gained traction after the housing market decline in 2008 and has been going strong ever since. Defined as a dwelling with a maximum lot area of 395m2 and height of 6m, tiny homes are in fact quite tiny. Perfect for transitional housing or those who wish to live a minimalist lifestyle, the versatility of these mini abodes is limitless. 

Tiny homes are a more sustainable option than traditional housing and offers a sense of simplicity vacant from many other residences. In Kitchener, one will be able to apply to build a tiny home for $500 with a plan addressing concerns such as landscaping, tree preservation, parking, and more. 

Looking forward to your own tiny home? The new guidelines are expected to be put to force in mid 2021, so be sure to follow them and get excited!


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