A Positive Attitude, Diligent Focus & Relentless Hustle is the Watty Way

A little less than a decade ago, Darryl Watty vowed never again to do business with someone he didn’t like – From that point on, his business took off! Imagine that every day you are working with your friends. Your friends know what you can do, and you want to do all you can for them. Lines of communication are open, thus obstacles are just minor and goals are reached together. Welcome to the way business is done on the Watty Way.

Positive Attitude

Darryl has always been a likeable fellow, friend and a good teammate. Darryl still has most of the same friends that he’s had from high school, he says they keep him grounded and remind him of who he is, and how he has become who he is today. Whenever he hears of a colleague from growing up in Waterloo Region, he is always eager to find out how they have been keeping over the past years. Ask around,
and you’ll hear that Darryl Watty is a nice guy, happy to help when called upon – and
that strong reputation gives him hope that he will finish far from last, with the help of his contacts.

Diligent Focus

When someone likes someone else, it is hard to tell who liked whom first, it just seems
to be a fit. When a person actually cares for someone else, that’s when they “tune in”
and care to understand what that person is trying to accomplish. Darryl Watty is very charismatic, but it is not from slick words, it is from listening, caring to understand, then using a bit of wit to comment on what has been said. Once Darryl Watty has “tuned in” with his two ears, then he is able to begin to take on the task at hand with a Focused Diligence, using all of the resources at his disposal.

Relentless Hustle

Every property is unique, and Darryl Watty is constantly working to find the proper property fit; He calls it “Hustle”. Darryl is a natural salesperson, who has been to refining his craft, since the 3rd Grade. Should Darryl believe that something could be of value to you, he will “tune in” to find out how it can be of a benefit to you, and then let you see for yourself. Darryl has found great success selling both Products and Services, from VWs and Audis, to Painting Houses, and now Real Estate. Darryl loves that Real Estate offers the opportunity to sell both a Service and a Product, and thus he brings Coldwell Banker’s “Ultimate Service” Guarantee to help you Buy or Sell your desired Property. Regardless of type of sale, Darryl Watty believes that the same rules apply: “Like what you sell, Like your Client and Like to Work your Tail off!!” That’s the Watty Way.

Contact Darryl Watty when looking to buy or sell your next property, as a Positive Attitude, Diligent Focus and Relentless Hustle is the Watty Way.

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