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Coldwell Banker’s – On Location YouTube Channel
Coldwell Banker has, and has been using its own YouTube channel or the marketing of Customer’s properties and is quickly becoming a primary online source for Real Estate Information.
Coldwell Banker on YouTube

Coldwell Banker International Beta Site

See the Future of Real Estate, and please trust that it is more than 360 degree Videos with Elevator Music in the background – i.e.: Bluescape Search
Coldwell Banker Beta Site

Smart Phone Friendly

This is what you want when Relocating Research in Motion and Open Text Employees are driving around, looking at homes, in neighbourhoods.
Smart Phone Friendly

Coldwell Banker’s Programs

Previews Program Specialty Marketing Program for Luxury Properties
If you have a home that is worth in excess of $700,000, Darryl can market your home through the exclusive Coldwell Banker Previews program, adding a complete new dimension to the marketing of your home.
Coldwell Banker Specialty Marketing Program

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