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13262 Talbot Trail, Waterloo
For Sale
$1,399,900.00 - Single - Detached Home
5162 Sq Ft 4 Beds 3.1 Baths 1906 Year Built

Everyone knows dreams can be sweet – but lucky dreams are that much sweeter.  Perhaps you’re lucky enough to find yourself positioned to pursue your dreams.  Credit yourself for being ready to seize the moment and take the opportunity to leave the urban grind behind for something better.  Something a little finer; a little more unique.  Bonnybrae Manor was born of this same spirit - built upon the dreams and grand ambitions of settlers and the luck of the Irish in 1906.  People then, as now, were out in search of something better.  This historically significant homestead and farm commands superb views of Lake Erie from atop one of the few hills of this fertile Southwestern Ontario landscape.  A 5,100 square foot estate watches over 2.1 acres of beautiful countryside, with the associated farmlands already legally severed with the potential to be sold separately.  Bonnybrae was assumed by a gentleman farmer from Kentucky in the Depression Era, dreaming of capitalizing on the burgeoning tobacco industry.  A 1940’s complete remodeling by the Timothy Eaton Co. saw the enclosure of the lovely front porch, the addition of a bevy of custom windows and trim, and the installation of a genuine, originally-finished mahogany Otis elevator.  Pulled from a New York City office tower in the midst of the Great Depression, this piece of architectural history continues to service all four levels of this magnificent property to this day.  Upgrades and updates over the decades have cautiously ensured the preservation of significant original finishes, such as the intricately laid triple hardwood floors, composed of cherry, oak and maple pulled from the Carolinian forests directly on the lot.  These same woods stand to this day, separating the farmland from the spreading grandeur of North America’s Great Lakes.  One cannot summon heritage from mid-air, nor replace history.  This is truly irreplaceable real estate.  Consider it your lucky opportunity, and take the chance to dream lucky.

MLS# 30767689


  • Air Conditioning
  • Fireplace
  • Garage / Parking
  • Garden
  • Heating
  • Home Appliances
  • Laundry
  • Pantry
  • Dining Room
  • Built in Wardrobes
  • Views to Park

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Contact The Agent

Contact The Agent

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